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Active Muse

A Sacred Dance

Amethyst Review

Enso /The Hand Drawn Brushstrokes 

Three Haikues

Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

A Star Being's Chronicle

Boats Against the Current

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Burningword Literary Journal

A Conversation with Sophia's Universe

Braided Way

Plum Blossom


Particles of Light and Pods


Sanctity of the Muses

Winter Clothes

The Lighthouse 

Challa Needles

Issue 84: 

Alchemy of Linguistics

Deciphering Above the Rising Clouds

How to Embrace Emptiness

In My Pandemonium




Kata/Compassion of the Kami

Clockwise Cat

Issue 42, p. 106-108: 

Sorry that My Earthquake was So Profound

We’ve Brought the Apocalypse Through the Walls

Deep Overstock

The Lion's Gate

The Lost Tribe

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Deep Overstock: Old Favorites

Fresh Words

Krishna's Cart

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